Wreaths, Crosses & Donations

The Legion raises money for the the Poppy Fund through:

  • donations made by individuals, groups and businesses who wish to acknowledge the memory of loved ones or our living or deceased veterans.  A donation can be for any amount and 100 % of your donation goes to the Poppy Fund for projects in our community.
  • selling wreathes and crosses to individuals, groups and business who want to make a visual tribute to a loved one or our living and deceased veterans.  Wreathes and crosses may be purchased for placement on an individual grave or at the Porters Lake Cenotaph.

All wreathes, crosses and donations are acknowledged during the Remembrance Service on November 11th .

To make a donation or to purchase a tribute, please visit the Branch or contact us at 827-3008 to speak with a Branch representative.  Electronic transfers are possible through your bank and by addressing the transfer to   treasurer161@eastlink.ca   

8” Wreath - $30.00  (With Ribbon +$15.00)                               White Cross - $25.00

14” Wreath - $50.00 (With Ribbon +$15.00)                               Green Cross - $40.00   

20” Wreath - $75.00   (With Ribbon +$15.00)

24” Wreath - $125.00   (With Ribbon +$15.00)