Virtual Wall of Remembrance

The Royal Canadian Legion has build a “Virtual Wall of Honour and Remembrance” to honour deceased veterans. The appearance of the “Virtual Wall” coincides with the National Remembrance Day Ceremony, organized by the Legion on behalf of and for all Canadians. It is displayed on the large video screens near the National War Memorial prior to the start of the ceremony on November 11th 

To honour relatives and friends who have served Canada, Canadians are invited to submit information on any deceased Canadian Veterans (including those who were part of the Merchant Navy and Ferry Command), whose death was attributable to any cause.  A submission consists of 

  1. a photograph as a high resolution electronic file or high resolution photo print (the quality of the image submitted dictates the quality of the image displayed)
  2. the Veteran’s name, years of service, element or force, regiment/unit to which the departed belonged
  3. One image for each honoured Veteran is needed and the photograph will continue to be included on the Virtual Wall of Honour in all subsequent years 
  4. No original photographs, service records or other documentation please; they cannot be returned
  5. submissions must be sent no later than October 20th

Veterans Affairs Canada hosts a Virtual War Memorial that allows people to find names contained in the seven Books of Remembrance held in the Parliament building Peace Tower and to view or to donate photographs.

The video of the Virtual Wall of Honour and Remembrance can be viewed online at anytime.