Bursaries 2024

What is a Bursary?

Bursary awards are part of the Canadian and United Kingdom education aid programs. Bursary awards are a gift to needy students that enable them to bridge gaps between the amount of financial aid they need to attend a school and the financial support that they receive from family, employment or government assistance.


Legion bursaries are available to students who are Veterans, or the children, grandchildren great grandchildren or spouses of Veterans, who are serving or honourably served in the:

• Canadian Armed Forces, Commonwealth forces or their wartime allies, or
• as a regular member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or
• as a Peace Officer in a special duty area or on a special duty operation, or
• who served in the Merchant Navy or Ferry Command during wartime

and who:

• have completed High School and are continuing their education on a full-time basis at a Post Secondary Educational Institution. This includes students who have finished high school and “have taken a break” from formal education so long as the other criteria are met, or who are already in a Post Secondary Educational Institution.  Post graduate studies however are not admissible for Branch bursaries;

• reside, or have their principal domicile, within the boundaries of the Eastern Marine Branch 161 - these are communities east of the Ross Road (along Highways 7, 107 and 207) to the intersection of Highways 7 and 107, Musquodoboit Harbour; and

• have an academic standing high enough that they are likely to succeed at the post-secondary level.


Shall be forwarded to the Bursary Chairperson / Secretary of Eastern Marine Branch No. 161 of the Royal Canadian Legion, 6644, Highway #7, Gaetz Brook, Nova Scotia, BOJ 2L0, emailed to info@legion161.ca  or may be left at the Branch no later than 6 pm Friday, May 24th 2024.

The student is responsible for submitting their application with appropriate records, statements and references as follows:

• a letter, written by the student, outlining educational goals, participation in extra-curricular activities and how the student plans to finance his or her studies.

• a letter of reference from a Guidance Counselor or from at least one teacher as to the applicant’s character and qualifications

• academic records or a transcript of marks

• a letter of acceptance from the Post Secondary Institution must accompany this application

• proof of eligible service of the parent, grandparent or great-grandparent

• any other references about character or extra-curricular activities

Incomplete applications will not be considered – no follow-up action will be taken

Bursary amounts will be decided by the Branch Bursary Committee.

Questions concerning the bursary application should be directed to info@legion161.ca attention Bursary Committee or by calling the Legion Branch, 902-827-3008, between 2 and 5 pm.

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