Community and Legion Events

The branch typically observes the following Remembrace events:

April 9th Vimy Ridge Day commerating the WWI battle for Vimy Ridge, France.

August 9th National Peacekeepers Day - a memorial service beginning at 11 AM at the Peace Pavillion beside the Dartmouth Ferry Terminal.  

VJ Day - the Sunday preceding August 15th  - a service to mark the end of conflict in the Asian and Pacific theatres and the end of WWII.  Ceremony begins at 1 PM at the Branch and comradeship follows in the Branch.

Anniversary of the Dieppe Raid - the Sunday preceding August 19th - a memorial service beginning at 1 PM at the Legion in Waverly. A reception follows.

On the first Sunday in November, we gather at the Branch to remember all our comrades who passed away and as a show of gratitude to their legacy.  Family members of these comrades are invited to attend, enjoy some refreshments and share memories.

On the Sunday before November 11th, comrades are invited to share a Remembrance service sponsored by a local church.   The churches change each year so refer to the Remembrance schedule for details.

The Branch November 11th Ceremony is held at the Porters Lake Memorial Park beginning at 10:45 AM.  Details are in the Remembrance section of the website.