Branch 161 By-laws

Eastern Marine Branch No. 161
Branch By-Laws (Revised September 2019)

Article I:  Title

This Branch shall be known and designated as Eastern Marine Branch, Nova Scotia, Number 161, and Royal Canadian Legion, hereinafter referred to as the “Branch.”


Article II:  Purposes and Objects

The purposes and objects of the Branch shall be those as laid down in the Act to Incorporate the Royal Canadian Legion.

Article III:  Membership and Affiliation

Application for membership in the Branch shall be as defined in the General By-Laws of the Royal Canadian Legion (latest revision).

Disciplinary action against all members shall be as described in the General By-Laws of the Royal Canadian Legion (latest revision).

Article IV:  Meetings

A.  Regular:

1) The regular monthly meeting of the Branch shall be held on the third Tuesday of each month, with the exception of December where the meeting will be on the second Tuesday.   A quorum for all such regular meetings shall be 15 members and must be maintained throughout the course of the meeting.  The July and August meetings will be cancelled and the executive will conduct the business of the Branch.

2) At the regular monthly meeting in September, the President shall upon the direction of the members, elect a Nominating Committee of three members (voting members in good standing) who will submit their report to the December monthly meeting.

3) The agenda for all meetings of the Branch shall be that as prescribed by the Royal Canadian Legion “Ritual and Procedure for Legion Meetings”.

B. Annual Meeting and Installation of Officers:

1) The annual meeting of the Branch shall be the third Tuesday in January, where all committee reports shall be read for the preceding year.

2) The Branch Secretary shall give notice regarding the meeting to each voting member in good standing at least four days before the date of the meeting.  Such notice shall be given by news media or by a method deemed necessary by the President.

3) A quorum for such meetings shall be 15 members.

4) Election of officers to be held on the second Tuesday of December and the installation of officers to immediately follow the election.

C. Emergency:

1) Such meetings shall be called in addition to (not in lieu of) regular meetings, and may be called by the President when that office deems it necessary.

2) Notice of such meetings shall be given in writing by the Branch Secretary, or if time does not permit, then a manner declared by the President.

3) A quorum for such meetings shall be 15 members.

D. Executive:

Such meetings are to be held on the first Tuesday of the month, or may be called by the President as deemed necessary.  A quorum for such meetings shall be a majority of the executive committee.

E. Agenda:

The agenda for all meetings of the Branch shall be that as prescribed by the Royal Canadian Legion “Ritual and Procedure for Legion Ceremonies” the current revision.

Article V:  Officers

1) The officers of the Branch shall be the Immediate Past President, President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Third Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms, Service Officer and Chaplain.

2) The executive committee will not exceed 16 members including branch officers and executive-at-large members.

3) When other than by expiration of term of office, the office of the President becomes vacant, the 1st Vice President shall carry out the duties of the President for the unexpired term.

4)  When other than by the expiration of term of office, any of the offices of the remaining branch   officers becomes vacant, the Executive Committee shall appoint one of its members to carry out the duties of the office made vacant or may appoint a member at large to carry out the duties of the office for the unexpired term.

Article VI:  Committees:

A. General:

1) The President shall assign his committee chairperson from the members of the Branch executive who will add members from the general membership at large so as to ensure an adequate work force on each committee.  No member of the executive shall serve as chairman of more than one committee, or serve as a member of more than two standing committees plus the Poppy Committee.

2) Duties of:

      (a)  The Executive is responsible to appoint contractors as may be required for the better working of the Branch, and determine, where                 necessary, contract wages or remuneration to be made, after the membership approves the budget for a project or expenditure.


      (b)  The executive shall prepare and approve the agenda for the regular meetings.

      (c)  The executive shall meet at the call of the President, or upon written request to the President signed by ten members or more, and                in the latter case a three day notice of such meeting shall be required.

3) All committees shall present their recommendations to the executive committee for approval.  When approval is given for any change, such decision shall be read at the next general meeting.

4) All committee chairpersons will submit a written financial report to the executive committee monthly.

B. Standing Committees:

   1) These Committees may be Poppy, Membership, Nominating, House, Ways and Means, Bingo, Bar, Sports, Finance and By-Laws and other          committees as may be deemed necessary.

   2) The duties of such committees shall be laid down by the executive in office.

   3) Other special committees may be elected at the discretion of the Branch, but such committees shall cease to exist immediately following          the completion and report of a special duty.


C. Nominating Committee:

1) The election of this committee of three voting members who have been a member of the Branch in good standing for one year shall be elected by the Branch at the regular September meeting.


2) They are to prepare a list of nominees suitable for the offices of Sergeant-at-Arms, Executive-at-Large, President, Vice Presidents, Chaplain, Secretary, Treasurer, Service Officer, Assistant Treasurer, and Assistant Secretary.  This committee is to determine whether such nominees are willing to stand for election to office, and to present such a list at the regular meeting of the Branch in December.                                  

3) Tenure of office – This committee shall stand from the time of election until the General meeting in September, and shall be required to act at any time to fill office vacancies.

4) Members serving on the nominating committee will be eligible to run for office at the election of officers in December.

D. Past Presidents’ Committee:

The remaining past presidents and remaining founding members of the Branch shall form the Past Presidents’ Committee, whose duties will be Honours and Awards, and to meet at the call of the President or executive committee when required for consultation and recommendations on matters of by-laws and resolutions and finance.

E. Executive Committee:

Any Executive Committee member who is absent from three consecutive Executive Committee meetings without due cause satisfactory to the Executive Committee, shall cease to hold office.

Article VII: Voting

A. Election of Officers and Executive at Large:

1) All such elections shall be done by secret ballot.

2)  Must have been a Branch member in good standing for 12 months immediately preceding the    election to be eligible for election to the Branch Executive.

3)  Members are required to serve a one-year term on the Branch Executive to be eligible to be       elected Vice President or Chairman.

4)   To be elected to the office of President, a member must have been a member in good standing     for one year, must have attended a minimum of six general meetings during the current election year, and must have served a minimum of one year as a Branch officer as per Article V.

B.  Regular Business:

Such decision making may be carried out by a show of hands, or by standing vote, or “aye” or “nay”, or by secret ballot as prescribed in the Rules and Procedures for Legion Meetings.

C. Speaking on Motions:

Speaking on motions and rules for debate will be as prescribed in the Rules and Procedures for Legion Meetings.  Each member is entitled to speak once to a question, sometimes more if there is no objection.  The proposer of the motion may open the debate and give the final summation after closing of the debate by the Chair. 


D. Who May Vote:

All voting members in good standing.


Article VIII:  Finances

A. Dues:     The annual dues of the Branch shall be set at the September general meeting.

B. A notice of motion shall be made at the regular monthly meeting, and posted in the Branch, one month in advance of the regular monthly meeting where the debate and vote shall be held on matters of expenditures exceeding five thousand dollars except in emergency situations as determined by the Branch Officers.

Article IX:  Social Amenities

All members in good standing will be allowed to sign in ten guests and will be responsible for same.

Article X:  Amendments

1)   The by-laws shall be reviewed once yearly by the Branch executive or an appointed By-laws committee to determine if all articles and sections are in the best interest of the Branch and of the Royal Canadian Legion.

2)   Any voting member in good standing may submit an amendment in writing with reasons for such an   amendment to the bylaws committee. Notice of Motion shall be posted in the branch for one month in advance of the debate and vote on such amendments.

3)   To effect an amendment a two-third majority of members present shall be necessary, subject to the approval of the Nova Scotia Command By-Laws Committee.

** *