Doors open at 5 PM and play begins at 6:45.  Canteen is available.  Come early to purchase Hot Ball break open tickets.

We encourage you to wear a facial mask and to practice physical distancing to minimize the chance of contacting COVID.  

Use the side door to enter.

Each week, there are:

  • 14 regular games with $100 prizes
  • a Cookie Jar prize available on regular games
  • a Hot Ball game worth $200.00 and a chance at the Jackpot  
  • 6 special games with prizes worth 75% of the cards sold
  • a Toonie Jar prize available on special games
  • a Bonanza game for $1000.00 in 50 numbers or less - or 50% of the cards sold
  • a Jackpot Game beginning at $10,000.00 in 50 numbers or less but paying $300.00 in 55 numbers or more