Doors open at 5 PM and play begins at 6:45.  Canteen is available.  Come early to purchase Hot Ball break open tickets.

Proof of Vaccination must be shown to enter the hall and facial masks are mandatory.  Social distancing is observed - COVID safety measures limit the number of players to 80.  

Use the side door to enter.

Each week, there are:

  • 14 regular games with $100 prizes
  • a Cookie Jar prize available on regular games
  • a Hot Ball game worth $200.00 and a chance at the Jackpot  
  • 6 special games with prizes worth 75% of the cards sold
  • a Toonie Jar prize available on special games
  • a Bonanza game for $1000.00 in 50 numbers or less - or 50% of the cards sold
  • a Jackpot Game beginning at $10,000.00 in 50 numbers or less but paying $300.00 in 55 numbers or more