Mark Your Calendars

The Branch will reopen on Monday January 11th.

However, on Friday afternoon, the Premier and Public Health Officer announced that most of the Covid restrictions on sports, gaming and social events will continue.

Membership renewals for 2021 are now being accepted in the branch, or online.  Due to the Branch closure, the period to renew for 2021 at the lower rate of $45 is extended until January 31st 2021.  BY Legion regualations, comrades who have not renewed by Janaury 31st are no longer in good standing and do not have member priviledges.

Before Christmas, Olivia Matheson donated $4110.88, that she raised during the Poppy Campaign, to the Branch Poppy Fund.  Thank you again Olivia for the dedication that you give to veterans and the community.

Our responsibility is to provide you with a safe environment, where you can meet with friends and enjoy an outing from home. This is achieved by observing the conditions ordered by the Public Health Office to reduce the risk of transmitting Covid-19:

  • don’t use the branch if you have, or have had, a fever or flu like symptoms
  • wash your hands with soap and hot water when possible and use the hand sanitizer provided upon entering the branch and any time you contact common surfaces
  • wear your mask unless consuming food or a beverage
  • maintain at least 6 feet between other people
  • remain seated while using the branch and allow us to serve you at your table
  • don’t share a table with anyone who is not in your daily social  (bubble) group

Click the link for details on Community and Legion events for 2021.